Tampere – The Lake City

Tampere is the biggest inland city in Scandinavia. It is located between two vast lakes Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi, why it’s named as the Lake City.

Tampere is the perfect mixture of urban nature, fun places and activities for kids and families. Tampere is an abundance of cultural events, festivals and theatre!

Tampere is perfect destination no matter if it’s summer or winter, brightest city of Finland will never fall asleep.


Fly to Tampere

Via Helsinki or Stockholm,
or directly from Bremen, Budapest, and Riga.


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Tampere railway station - Airport T1

Airport T1 - Tampere railway station


Trains departing from Tampere railway station

Trains arriving to Tampere railway station

Fly to Tampere - It's Your gateway to Inland Finland

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